The Warehouse at 42nd Street
1344 E 42nd St, Chattanooga, TN 37407

The Warehouse Overview

Warehouse Fulfillment Onboarding Checklist


  1. Submit Warehouse Fulfillment Form Request under Get Started tab - response time-24 hours from submission.

  2. 20 minute discovery session between client and GB.

  3. Contract and Pricing presented within 72 hours.

  4. Schedule a 1 hour meeting for any Q&A on contract, pricing, processes of THE WAREHOUSE services.

  5. Sign and return contract. All contracts Expire within 30 days of receipt.

  6. Line Of Business Form filled out by customer. 24 hour response for any questions from the form.

  7. 24-72 hours- Gold Bond sets up Line of Business and Company Store in WMS.

  8. Schedule a 1 hour technical integration call with Gold Bond I.T. for appropriate set up in WMS.

  9. Customer receives WMS login credentials.

  10. Gold Bond integrations testing. 24-72 hours.

  11. Schedule 1 hour client training on WMS platform performed by Gold Bond team member. Knowledge base provided as reference.

  12. Confirm move in date. Client inputs ASN's to move any stock transitioning into the warehouse at this time.

  13. The Warehouse Customer Care confirms ASNs put in by customer are received at minimum 48 hours prior to stock arrival.

  14. Stock arrives. Dock to stock- 24 hours. Items go onto shelves and we are fully live.


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